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About Envirogreen Canada™

Envirogreen Canada’s mission:
“To provide creative environmentally sensitive textile care solutions and spectacular value to clients, well beyond what they expect.”

We are proud of the statement above – it challenges us to be better than how we performed yesterday and establishes a value proposition for you, our clients. As a small business backed by decades of experience, we believe that we have a lot to offer in marketing and growing your business.

Envirogreen’s point of difference is that we strive to find environmental solutions that work best for your business, your employees and your customers. Our team is comprised of passionate people who have complimentary skill sets including experience in the textile care industry, packaged goods, marketing and sales, product sourcing and distribution and technical and service delivery.

Envirogreen Canada Partners


Neifer Installations (1968) Ltd., has serviced B.C. since 1953. Jim Carras has dedicated his efforts to supporting BC's textile care industry as Past President of the BC Fabricare Association and as a long serving member of the board.

Jim is a factory trained technician who has built, designed, maintained and serviced dozens of plants in the BC market. Envirogreen Canada is proud to have Jim's expertise available to complement its product and equipment selection.

DATAMEDIA, Partners in Distribution

The back end of the business is expertly handled by Datamedia Distribution to allow the best possible front line service delivery by the Envirogreen team. This innovative partnership ensures that you, the client are serviced in a spectacular fashion – and in the challenging business world we all compete in, this positive approach to finding better solutions can mean the difference between exceptional success and, well... less success.


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