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Caretaker Program

Envirogreen Canada has introduced an important sustainable development initiative appropriately called the “Caretaker” Program. Sustainable Development is not just about environmental principles; rather the Caretaker Program captures the roles and actions around corporate social responsibility (CSR), economic development and climate change. The pillars of the Caretaker Program guide our actions as an organization.

The four pillars of EGC’s Caretaker Program include:

  • Enhanced environmental business practices including development of key relationships in the communities we service
  • The use of local and regional suppliers, wherever possible
  • Demonstrating with actions how small business can incorporate meaningful social responsibility actions
  • Business enhancements to improve climate change in the short, medium and long term

At EGC, we understand the realities and limitations of our industry and that critical change does not occur overnight, but we believe that EGC has made an important and positive start to the Caretaker program with:

  • The introduction of the “Environmental Checklist Visit
  • EGC’s decision to support alternatives to current products found on the market
  • Charitable donations on behalf of our client partners to premier environmental organizations with every major equipment sale
  • Investment in co-operative marketing programs to reinvest in our local client partners
  • The introduction of EGC’s Sustainable Development Caretaker Program commitment

Envirogreen Canada has a long way to go and we invite your involvement on this important journey.

Be a Caretaker!

Contact our office, let’s share a coffee and become involved as a partner of Envirogreen Canada’s Caretakers Program.

There is a role for everyone to better understand the difference we can all make.


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