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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long has Envirogreen Canada™ been in business?

Since 2005, although in 2009 the company assumed new ownership providing a fresh approach to distributing environmentally sensitive solutions to the textile care industry in British Columbia.

At Envirogreen we have recently upgraded our space and distribution model, expanded the product lines and sales team and introduced new updated branding to emphasize a renewed commitment to spectacular results. There are a lot of great ideas in the pipeline too. We understand that innovation makes our clients more competitive and we will never take our client’s business for granted.

In September 2010, Envirogreen Canada™ introduced Envirogreen Service™, powered by Neifer. With skilled technicians on staff, Envirogreen Canada™ offers more on site support than any other supplier to the BC textile care industry.

Envirogreen Canada™ believes that our way of approaching business is understood and respected by like minded companies and individuals. Hopefully, you have seen and read what Envirogreen Canada stands for and will give us the privilege of being your premier distribution partner.

How does Envirogreen Canada compare with other wholesale distributors?

The comparison is really about being “unique and different”. By encouraging textile care businesses to discover the spectacular results achieved through affordable environmental solutions, ECG is unique in British Columbia, yet highly competitive in pricing and volume requirements.


Consider Envirogreen Canada™’s mission:
“To provide creative environmentally sensitive solutions and spectacular value to clients, well beyond what they expect.”

There is a clear commitment to grow your bottom line – call it value added, and Envirogreen Canada™ intends to keep your business after we gain your trust.

Datamedia Distribution is a key partner of Envirogreen and the combined buying power of each organization extends beyond the textile care industry. This ensures your business gets the best of both – small and nimble enough to react, yet with exceptional volume pricing and expertise that passes value onto your business.

Why is this environmental stance important to my business?

It is a piece of the puzzle. ECG believes that by providing environmentally sensitive solutions to the dry cleaning and commercial laundry industry, a choice is being provided that is recognized and appreciated by customers and employees alike. Obviously, the environment stands to benefit too. Textile care is a challenging industry and as long as chemicals and solvents exist in cleaning, it will never be perfect. If Envirogreen Canada™ can assist in having companies to take a small step in making changes to their approach, we will have achieved success.

We invite you to take advantage of our no obligation “Environmental Checklist Visit” to find the starting point for your plant. To review Envirogreen Canada™’s Sustainable Development initiatives, visit our Caretaker section.

What is an example of a “small step?”

It could be as simple as switching to degradable poly bags for your customers. Yes, they cost pennies more, but a small step makes a statement to customers that your business understands that conventional plastics do not break down and this waste can take years, even decades, to degrade.

The poly bags that Envirogreen Canada™ ships are clearly stamped, so your customers recognize the commitment to making the right choice. Envirogreen Canada™ can help you with discovering other easy changes within your business.

Consider reviewing your current chemical lines to understand if they are biodegradable and safe to the environment and to your employees and customers. Envirogreen Canada only represents premium brands with the highest performance metrics. And yes, our brands are safe to use and biodegradable.

Is your Company all about poly?

No, not at all. Envirogreen Canada all the top technical detergents, spotters and specialty products which are bio-degradable and backed by decades of research and development from top laboratories around the globe. The equipment represented by Envirogreen Canada is world renowned and respected for advances in ergonomic and energy efficient designs. Envirogreen Canada stands for quality products and brands your business can trust.

How do I know my customers will embrace these changes?

Ask them. Likely, some competitors are already making claims or taking actions that position themselves in a favourable light. We believe that conversations with your customers will likely provide some exciting insights. You may find that in your market, the introduction of garment bags serves your customer even better that degradable poly. It can be a true point of difference for your plant, increase customer retention and provide a great marketing element. Do you currently recycle hangers, use vegetable based inks with your printing, inform and train your staff about environmental management or market your good environmental performance with your customers?

Change doesn’t have to be painful – it can be exciting, innovative (there is that word again) and should always be profitable and considered the right thing to do – for your business, your customers and your employees.

Typically, what percentage of my sales should be budgeted to supplies?

Depending on your business profile, about 8% - 10% - far less than your labour and energy costs. Envirogreen Canada can work with you to demonstrate the most effective business practices.

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